The theory of the Detour
A theory of relativity in psychology


Theory of the Detour
by Michel Cariou


Glossary of notions and concepts of the theory of detour

Translated from French by Besma Barkallah - July 2013
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Detour by website of detour
The concept of Detour proposes a “process which consists, for an organism, to set up a new type of adaptive relation with the circle, by another elaboration of its internal organisation leading to a new form of activity in circle, having a more general range” (Cariou, 1995, p.127).
In other words, the organism, while being confronted with the various modifications of the circle in its interaction with him, will always operate a reorganisation of its internal organisation thanks to the internalization of external elements, which will be able to give place to new more adapted behaviours, with an aim of maintaining the agreement vital, but more indirectly.
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